AFA Soccer School

AFA Soccer School

Each one teach one

AFA Soccer School offers children and youth aged between 10–18 a complete platform for developing and improving their soccer skills from the basics up to the professional level.
The high-quality and modern training content of the soccer school strictly follows the training philosophy of AFA. The aim is to develop the basic technical, tactical and coordinative skills that are essential for a successful professional career.

Great emphasis is placed on ambidexterity and speed of action in addition to the fundamentally important development of personality. You can find out more about the content and structure of the training at Training Methods, Performance Levels and Curriculum – Content and Topics.

At least 2 times per week


We train and play on the field at least twice a week.

As of the buildup age

Mobile gym

An individualized homework program of conditioning exercises is created for each player starting at the advanced level (approximately age 13 and up).

2 times per week

Support training

The development training supplements the training selectively and offers the young players the opportunity to individually deepen and refine their skills in various training focuses.