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Individual AFA sponsor

Help overcoming obstacles

We support children, families and communities to overcome poverty.
With a sponsorship you will support a child in one of the poorest regions in the world by allowing him or her a better future through access to education, medical care and clean drinking water.

Sponsorship without risks

  • You can cancel at any time without notice for any reason.
  • Your help is tax deductible.

How the AFA sponsorship helps

Sustainable improvements in the lives of children are only possible through sustainable changes in their community. Therefore, the support of AFA is not limited to the child – also the family and the community are involved:

The child

Your donation will directly help the child, as AFA will provide him or her education, medical care, nutrition and access to clean water.

The family

In cooperation with Dofan (NGO), the support of AFA extends also to the child’s family. For example, we train farmers to adopt more efficient farming methods. For entrepreneurs we offer training on how to improve business models, marketing or management. This helps families to become self-sufficient.

The community

Through our numerous projects, AFA benefits the entire community. We help improving infrastructure by constructing wells, schools, health centers and sports centers.