Our team

Together we are winners!

AFA sets high standards for planning the training. Our training is effective and diverse, designed by a balanced mix of young, innovative and experienced coaches. With a shared vision, they are highly motivated and put their heart into working with young people.

Through our partner networks, we also make the use of a pool of national and regional coaches, as well as guest coaches and star players. They share their valuable experience with our players and form an important part of our training and youth work.

Manager of Football Academy

Eric Njamen

The administrative director of AFA, Eric Njamen has a big heart and passion for soccer.

Scout Coordinator

Jacque Jules Kamwa

The career of Jacque Jules Kamwa includes several decades of work in coaching, management and acting as the technical director of the top soccer clubs in Cameroon and Libya. Against this background, he is a highly skilled scout and an invaluable add to our team. He is the director of our talent identification activities in Africa.

Vice - President

Rousseau Pawossi

Having experienced the ups and downs of the professional sport himself, Rousseau Pawossi is an ideal player manager and passionate about sharing his experience with our young talents.

Fitness Athleticism Consultant

Philipp Reuscher

As a keen athlete with a passion for proper diet and the science of nutrition, and as a qualified trainer, Philipp Reuscher is skilled and well-equipped in the field of wellness coaching (physical activity, nutrition and healthy eating, relaxation techniques, stress management, rehabilitation). He is a great asset to Africa Foot Academy.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”
African proverb