Supplementary skills development
Supplementary skills development

Individual support to reach the full potential

AFA offers skills training for players aged 15–18 at intermediate and advanced levels. The AFA skills training program is supplementary to the player’s regular team play and it runs all year round. The aim is to offer each athlete an opportunity for additional training in technical and tactical skills. We strive to build the self-confidence of the players, in order to help them trust their own abilities and maximize their soccer potential.
The AFA skills training serves also as a means of identifying the most talented players, giving them the best possible chances to enter into the FC-AFA and build a career in the professional soccer. The players will train in groups of a maximum of 12 players.

Our training follows a consistent format, based on AFA’s training philosophy and comprehensive approach to youth development. All players are coached individually and encouraged to work towards common goals by using their special strengths. The training focuses heavily on ball mastery, but centers on all individual skills such as dribbling, passing, receiving and shooting the ball, as well as turns, moves and defending, without forgetting the speed and agility. Life Kinetics is also implemented in the AFA skills training.
Each season features a self-contained curriculum. Therefore, the player does not have to attend consecutive seasons to benefit. However, it is important not to miss too many sessions within a particular season for maximum benefit.

Your season to grow

Players enroll in the AFA skills training on a seasonal basis. The seasons at Africa Foot Academy are divided into periods between June – September and November – April. It is possible to book for the full season or individual training sessions (90 minutes). For getting the maximum benefit, we recommend participating in as many training sessions as possible. Most of the supplementary courses are open to everyone, but some of them are designed for selected players.