Projects supported by AFA

For the community

AFA is firmly committed to sustainable youth development and the development of local communities. We foster social engagement of the youth also beyond the soccer field. We help the children and adolescents, who are working and/or living on the streets, to reintegrate in their families and in the community. We provide them protection and education, with aims to build self-confidence, offer new life perspectives and help the youth to take their future into their own hands.

Education is our priority and we support numerous projects in this field. Equipping schools with learning materials and computers as well as improving the sanitary facilities of schools are only some examples of our efforts. Through remedial education, we seek to improve the quality of learning in schools.

Leaving an impact

Promoting youth sport is in our heart. Every day, we get to witness the significant and positive impact of soccer on the character development of youth. Therefore, we make efforts to improve physical education in schools. Together with our partner schools, we also help arranging various after-school sport activities for children.