Talent Identification

We see potential

We identify the most talented players by continuously and systematically evaluating the performance of our players. We cooperate with renowned player agencies and professional soccer clubs in their efforts to select new players.
The AFA Goalkeeper training provides high quality specialized training for goalies – not so often available in African countries. A combination of technical, tactical, physical and mental drills forms the basis of each training session, with aims to improve spring, agility, the speed of feet, techniques on shot stopping, cross taking and the ability to distribute the ball with great accuracy.

Our training is conducted by professional and experienced coaches, using the latest training methods. The group-size is limited to a maximum of six goalies, in order to effectively observe the development of every player. The training is entirely tailored to individual needs of players. The drills are repeated as many times as needed for ensuring the automatization of basic techniques, All while having plenty of fun in a friendly learning environment.

All the relevant staff members of AFA will have access to basic information about the players, such as contact information, the date and place of birth and information about the possible allergies or illnesses.

With this tool, all performance data of individual players is gathered, with an analysis of their strengths and weaknesses. This tool helps our coaches to develop an individualized training program for each player. The performance diagnostic also helps our scouts to evaluate the players’ skills and competencies in areas of technical and tactical skills as well as their physical and mental fitness. All evaluation is age appropriate with the focus on developing the potential of young players. For professional soccer clubs looking for new players, our database allows a highly targeted searching of players with specific qualities and competencies.

This tool supports our coaches in planning their training sessions coherently, with aims to ensure a unified training of high quality in all AFA locations. Here, the focus and detailed structure of each training session is carefully documented and the season-specific training schedules of all coaches shared. The coaching tool is also used to develop, monitor and modify an individualized fitness workout – a “mobile gym” – for all players aged 15 and above. The tool is highly important for exchanging experiences with and between our coaches and it also benefits our scouts.

With this tool, the games are analyzed according to a standardized criterium. Through the efficient use of the game analysis tool, the coaching and training of a team can be adjusted. The team manager has a special interest in following the team performance in games.

This is a tool used especially by our sports medical professionals and physiotherapists. All injuries and illnesses of the players are documented according to a selected criterium, in order to develop a rehabilitation program, tailored for the injured player. For optimising recovery, the rehabilitation program and training will be modified if necessary.

As far as possible, all data collected is compiled into statistical tables, in order to support our follow-up work in all levels. This also helps us to strategically plan and develop the Academy’s work.