Parents - our partner no. 1
Parents - our partner no. 1

Guiding the next generation

Parents/guardians have a great impact on child’s development and growth. They lay the foundation for developing and improving self-confidence, social competences and learning abilities. Every child should have a safe and supportive home environment.

For AFA, parents are an important link between the player and the coaching staff. Therefore, we highly value the cooperation with parents.

Code of Behaviour

Football promotes the child’s social development. Football is not only about physical activity, which improves health and well-being. It is also by nature about participation, sharing and communicating. It promotes values such as tolerance, fair play, respect and peaceful coexistence. Since effective parenting means leading by example, the parents can have a positive impact on their child’s development through harnessing these values. Therefore, AFA encourages parents to live up to the following principles:

  • I will support the entire team and respect the decisions of the coach.
  • I will always live up to the principles of fair play and do not try to have an effect on the match. I will support my team positively, even in difficult times.
  • I will not aggressively protest against the referee’s decisions.
  • I encourage my child in sports and try to bring sports into line with the education and upbringing of my child. I help my child to develop freely, while emphasizing the skills and social competencies rather than winning at any cost.
  • Near the playing field, I will live up to the values of AFA, firmly aware of my status as a role model for children and youth players. I will refrain from alcohol and nicotine.


For AFA, the parents are considered to be the partner Number One. We are aware of the parents’ impact on our young players, therefore we want to help them to better support their child’s progress. For example, we hold regular parents’ evenings, where various issues related to sport and wellbeing of a child will be discussed, including healthy nutrition. The parents have the possibility also to discuss about their child’s individual progress and prospects for a professional career with our coaches and other staff members.