Education first!

Education first!

How we educate

We offer a holistic approach to the development of our youth players. Education and life skills are of great importance to us, added to the athletic performance. Combining competitive sports and education is our priority. Therefore, all courses and training activities of AFA run after-school or during holidays. We strongly encourage our youth players to complete education, including secondary schooling. Since sport develops essential skills such as concentration, patience and stress resistance, it also has an educational impact and promotes learning in school.

Additionally, our players benefit from the Life Kinetics training programme, which improves their skills and competences in areas such as problem-solving and memory capacity. We hear from teachers and parents regularly that our players have improved their educational performance.

Our methods

Core subjects

On the weekends, those of our youth players who need it, have the possibility to receive remedial teaching in core subjects (Mathematics, English, French), provided by our interns and volunteers.


AFA highly values education and schooling and is firmly committed to cooperate with schools.