Take part as an intern

Any start is a good start

We are looking for motivated interns with diverse background. Especially, we are looking for people experienced in coaching soccer or in sports medicine / physiotherapy, but we welcome also interns with a passion for various other sports.
If you are experienced in coaching a soccer team and you would wish to contribute in the youth development in Africa, you are warmly welcome to become involved in the activities of AFA in Cameroon. You should have completed at least the basic soccer coaching courses. Ideally, you will have a coaching license and a minimum of two years’ experience as a trainer (these are not definite requirements). We expect you to be experienced in working with children and youth. In dealing with children and young people you are friendly, patient and fair. You should have good intercultural competences.

As a qualified coach, you will be placed in our academy either in Yaoundé or Douala. You will coach the youth players together with our local coaches and you will also take part in designing the training curricula for different age groups.
You will have the possibility to become active in one of our holiday camps. In our AFA Kids & Youth Club, you may wish to get involved in coaching the disadvantaged children and youth, such as out-of-school children – often living and working on the streets or at risk of dropping out of school. We help them to reach their full potential through developing life skills with the aim to bring them education. According to your interests, you may also contribute to our PR work, for example by writing about your experiences and the activities of AFA on the website of AFA and in the social media.

“Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher”
Oprah Winfrey

You're happiest while you're making the greatest contribution.

Your contribution is warmly welcome in AFA’s development projects. Depending on your previous experience, you can be placed for example in a primary school, where you will teach and contribute in the overall management of the school. We also build the capacity of schools in arranging physical education. Therefore, we warmly welcome the physical education teachers and instructors, who are experienced in working with children and youth.
You will be accommodated in a local host family, which gives you the opportunity to get an insight into the everyday life in Cameroon. You should have basic knowledge in English and /or in French (preferred). The length of your internship is up to you. Every period extending from two weeks to one year can be arranged. You are welcome at any time of the year.