Vision & Mission
Vision and Mission

What drives us

Cameroon – like the rest of the African continent – has a great football potential and certainly not less talented young players than other regions. Quite the contrary, as the first national team in Africa to have reached the quarter finals of the World Cup, Cameroon has remarkable football traditions. As the most favored sport in Cameroon, football is played virtually everywhere. Indeed, Cameroon has an immense potential and a vast number of talented players.

Soccer clubs in Cameroon and in other African countries would need sustainable support and systematic youth development programs. We want to present a new, comprehensive approach to youth development in and through football. For professional soccer clubs internationally, Africa Foot Academy offers an excellent platform for talent identification.

Promoting youth development

With AFA Kids & Youth Club, we start already with children aged five years. For talented youth players aged 10-18 years, the AFA Soccer School offers professional training with aims to prepare them for the possible professional soccer career. As one of the few soccer academies in Africa, AFA offers also specialized training for goalkeepers. Our supplementary skills training courses run throughout the year with the focus on refining the technical and tactical skills of players. Our intensive AFA Soccer Camps offer a possibility to train effectively during holidays.
At all levels of competence, the training is age appropriate and takes place in small groups. All our trainers are professionals, experienced in the top level football, as well as in working with young people. Our pride is the Fando Kids Cup, the biggest street soccer tournament in Africa, organised for the first time in Douala, in June-July 2014.

Training Philosophy

Our training philosophy is based on FECAFOOT guidelines (Fédération de Football Camerounaise) as well as on those of DFB (German Football Association). In our training, strength and character are cultivated beyond technical and tactical skills. Fostering positive character development is integrated as a cross-cutting element in all our training.
In order to improve the coordination skills of our players, we use the modern Life Kinetics program as a supplementary training for the body and brain, which also makes a great deal of fun. The Life Kinetics improves learning abilities, thereby helping our youth players to perform better also in school. Our training also handles other important issues such as media and presentation skills, as well as health management (including injury prevention and healthy nutrition).

High quality training requires high quality coaching. All coaches of AFA are highly competent, experienced in the top-level football and skilled in working with the youth. As a part of the advanced level training, the youth players benefit from occasionally training and playing together with the players of the FC-AFA.
We strive for excellence and seek to achieve the maximum potential of each player. We equip our players with the best possible education that provides them the skills required for a professional soccer career. AFA is here with one simple mission statement – to create the very best soccer players in Africa!
We also offer training courses for coaches and help them to improve their coaching skills and develop the youth work in their clubs. Through our extensive partner networks, we have the capacity to support soccer clubs in a number of management issues.

Mission Statement

Africa Foot Academy is dedicated to the task of promoting the culture of youth soccer in Cameroon and beyond. We want to present a new, comprehensive approach to youth development in and through football.


With the concept of Africa Foot Academy, we aim at reaching out to the entire soccer scene in Cameroon and beyond. We empower young people through sport and promote their personal, educational and social development, in order to improve job prospects.

Our objectives

  • Holistic approach to positive youth development through sport
  • Helping talented youth players to reach their highest potential with modern FC-AFA training philosophy
  • Providing young goalkeepers with specialised training
  • Supporting coaches in their efforts to develop youth soccer
  • Supporting clubs in a number of management issues

In order to help the continent to realize its immense football potential.