Reason & Values

Our network of partners and sponsors ensures that every company will find a place in our academy. As our firm “team members” they will be provided with exclusive advertising rights. With their support, the sponsors of AFA greatly contribute to the social development of young people in Cameroon.
The businesses who are seeking positive visibility have all the reasons to sponsor FC-AFA soccer club, since:

  • FC-AFA is familiar to almost 2 million people
  • More than 1 million people indicate their sympathy towards FC-AFA
  • 125 thousand Cameroonians name the FC-AFA as their favorite club

We are well-known

As professionally and sustainably managed, FC-AFA is a well-known soccer club among its passionate fans. FC-AFA has a positive image due to its outstanding youth work in Cameroon.
Numerous renowned actors such as ECF – Group and Dofan Association have chosen to collaborate with FC-AFA in order to gain positive visibility among the fans and supporters of the club.

Some of the reasons for sponsoring

  • Soccer is the Number One sport in many African and European countries
  • Soccer achieves the widest national and international coverage among all sports
  • Soccer provides continuity throughout the year
  • Soccer is dominant in the daily press worldwide
  • Soccer arouses strong emotions
  • Soccer sponsorship is predictable and measurable
  • Soccer is politically highly esteemed and it appeals to a great number of different groups of
  • Soccer clubs are powerful brands with high brand equity

Types of sponsorship

Main Sponsor

The Main Sponsor of FC-AFA enjoys exclusive benefits and marketing opportunities. Added to placing the logo on the front of the club shirts, they will be guaranteed the most attractive advertising spaces at the stadium and the greatest TV (live) coverage.


The FC-AFA’s supplier of outfits and other equipment has the exclusive right to supply any other club or sport association, in order to ensure the widest possible brand visibility.

Exclusive Partner

Exclusive Partners of FC-AFA will receive the most attractive advertising spaces at the stadium. Live streaming ensures good visibility also for the TV audience.

Club Partner

Club Partners have a regional focus. The individualized marketing package is designed to increase the visibility regionally. FC-AFA brings you innovative marketing concepts through which a great number of FC-AFA supporters can be reached regionally.

Proud Partner

The Proud Partner of FC-AFA is offered to all companies in the metropolitan area. The partnership emphasizes sport and youth development. FC-AFA is one of the leading brands in the Cameroonian soccer scene and it has been awarded for its outstanding youth work.


In addition to the Main Sponsor, Exclusive Partners and Club Partners, the suppliers are an important part of the sponsor hierarchy of FC-AFA. We provide every supplier with a customized marketing package taking into account the individual needs and interests. The title “Supplier of FC-AFA” used in external communications, indicates the close relationship between the company and the club.

Marketing opportunities

On the pitch, the soccer game goes intensively back and forth. The audience is swept away by the number one world sport – and you are present with your advertisement, as tens of thousands supporters are cheering for their team at the stadium and millions more are reached through the TV.

Whether banner advertising, spots on the display panel or an advertisement in the FC-AFA Club Magazine – we offer numerous opportunities, fully customized for your individual goals and targeted campaigns.

Your branding can be promoted for example through

TV-related advertising

The banners are excellent branding tools, catching the players’ and viewers’ eyes wherever the action is on the pitch – at the stadium as well as at home! In fact, the banner advertising is the single most popular advertising medium in sport, guaranteeing the nationwide TV coverage of the club’s home games, but also at local and regional level.

Few qualitative and quantitative factors of success

  • Broad target group coverage
  • Fast and high contact frequency
  • Low contact prices
  • Advertisement-free environment without program interruption
  • High acceptance of banner advertising